Memorial Bench Program


Memorial benches are a perfect way to honor a special person, place or thing. The intention of the Memorial Bench Program is to offer citizens a way to remember loved ones and/or honor individuals or groups in a visible, lasting way that also provides Taylor’s visitors and citizens with the comfort and convenience of benches in our park areas. Memorial benches allow your loved one’s memory to live on in an act of service to our city parks. Your contribution will be a great enhancement to many people’s quality of life. Benches are available in the following parks: Bull Branch Park, Murphy Park and Fannie Robinson Park. 

We offer this option in our Contemporary Portable/Surface Mount bench option in a RIB pattern so as to match our other park benches. Each bench comes with a 4" x 6" engravable plaque (engraving service included). The entire bench seat is PLASTISOL coated while the legs are powder coated in AAMA 2604-05 compliant powder-coating. 


An individual wishing to purchase a bench may request a park area where they would like to have the bench placed.

A 4”x6” cast bronze plaque is permanently attached to the bench with the name of the one remembered or honored and a significant date. Benches are six feet in length, made of durable metal and are a green color.

Cost to purchase a memorial bench with a plaque is $3,400.* Money for the benches will be donated to the City of Taylor, in the name of the person or group. The City, or its designee, will purchase the benches. Benches will be secured either to existing concrete or on a new concrete slab. These items become the property of the City and its citizens. The City will install and oversee the installation and upkeep of the benches.


  • Bench Price: Program suggested price - $1,200.00
  • Pad Costs: 9’ X 4’: $1000 in-house including labor; $1175 quote from local concrete vendor
  • Engraving Costs: $25
  • Total cost: $3,400.00                                           

*If an existing concrete slab can be utilized, the fee will be reduced by the cost to pour new concrete. 


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