Public Works

The Public Works Division provides street and utility maintenance and responds to citizen inquiries regarding solid waste collection (garbage) services in a timely, cost-effective, polite and responsible manner.

Department Description
The Public Works Administration provides direction and guidance to the Street, Park, Building and Utility Divisions.

Overview – Purpose and Functions
The Public Works Administration is responsible for the overall direction and administration of the various public works functions including street and parks maintenance, solid waste collection and disposal, parking, storm water drainage facility maintenance and public facility (building) maintenance. In addition to these general fund activities, public works is responsible for administration of the water / wastewater utilities, airport and cemetery maintenance and equipment services.

Administrative staff is responsible for coordinating the preparation of the annual operating budget for each of the divisions and directing the distribution, allocation and use of resources among the various divisions.

Examples of Common Issues Referred to Public Works:

  • Bikeway hazards
  • Illegal dumping within city limits
  • Local drainage issues
  • Parking concerns
  • Potholes in streets
  • Requests for street sweeping
  • Sewer backups or odor complaints
  • Streetlight out
  • Street signs missing or damaged
  • Traffic concerns
  • Traffic signals not working
  • Water leaks

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