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Posted on: March 12, 2018

Meet the Unflushables: Baby wipes and more can hurt waste water system


The City of Taylor Waste Water Treatment Plant has had an increase in the number of items which are considered "unflushable" come into the system. Therefore, staff is asking citizens to be mindful of what they put into their toilets.

The dilemma is, while packaging may say certain products are flushable, in reality, many are not. A good example are baby wipes and personal wipes, which should instead be put into a trash can. These items clog up the system and cause problems with the sewage filtering processes, according to Robert Walla, Taylor Utility Superintendent. 

"Lately we have seen a big increase in the amount of wipes coming into sewer pipes and the waste water plant," he said. "We ask citizens to please stop putting these items into the toilets, even though they are marked as flushable."

Other items that should not be disposed of in toilets include disposable diapers, cleaning pads, napkins and paper towels. Food items not to flush include egg shells, nut shells, coffee grounds or foods with seeds. Other items include fats, oils, greases, dental floss, hair products, feminine products, contraceptives, medicines, rags, clothing and plastics.

For more information or to ask a question, please contact 512-365-1422.