District 1 Town Hall Meeting - May 2018

Town Hall Meeting District 1 Questions and Statements 

May 29, 2018 at Robinson Park Pavilion


  1. Taylor Housing Authority Statement- Angela Boehme recommended that something needed to be done about the housing authority as she believes there are issues there and that the management is not doing things correct. After the Town Hall meeting, Mayor Pro-Tem plans to speak with THA about these concerns. 
  2. Question was asked about development off Old Thorndale Road? This question was asked by Don Hill concerning what was this. Isaac answered was a small development called Dove Pass that has been approved.
  3. Robinson pool replacement in the CIP will this address the pool or the entire facility with restrooms? Jason Hennington asked this question. Isaac Turner explained that Robinson Pool is listed in the CIP for replacement at $3.7 and that this did included the pool and restrooms.
  4. How is Council getting costs under control? Cliff Olle asked this question. Mayor Pro-Tem Lopez answered that there would be an update each month by the City Engineer on projects and that the city made changes to city engineering services to improve on cost control. Councilor Ariola added he would not support a design/build method and would only support doing bids for projects.
  5. A question was asked about issues with dog hoarding at homes and how can we get this under control? This question was asked by Angela Boehme about this issue. Leslie Hill also spoke about how she has fallen and her husband as well due to dogs running around. She recommended we need to review the process for this. After the Town Hall meeting, staff emailed Commander Branson concerning the question concerning large numbers of animals at homes. Commander Branson responded with the following: If the police department receives a call regarding potential dog or cat hoarding, our animal control division would respond to investigate the claim. If animal control determines there are animals not receiving proper care, our first option would be to determine if the owner would surrender them. In the event that the owner would not be willing to surrender the animals, our animal control division would obtain a warrant to seize them. If the number of animals exceeded the capacity of our animal shelter, we would reach out to the Austin Humane Society and Austin Pets Alive for assistance. A court hearing would follow within ten days to determine custody of the animals, and a veterinarian would be utilized for any health concerns regarding the animals.
  6. The splash pad will have an extension installed in the next few weeks, a request to have additional bench seating added was made. Cliff Olle made this statement suggesting it would be good to add more bench seating, however he thinks it may be too late to do such as the plans have been made for it.
  7. A question was asked what was going in at South Rio Grande and the Loop described as triangle area? Ms. Moppy Miller asked this question as she wanted to know more detail on this. Mayor Pro- Tem Lopez explained that the lot had been sold to a company and that has to wait till September to start work on it.
  8. A suggestion was made that in the future signs in English and Spanish should be posted to give additional notification concerning an upcoming town hall meeting. 
  9. Mayor Pro-Tem Lopez final comments- Mayor Pro-Tem Lopez stated the next Town Hall will be in six months. She also stated that the City is targeting a community family day in Robinson for August.